Things I Don’t Want to Forget about my Kids // September 2014

▫️”Mommy, I willy want to be a dolphin helper when I gwow up.” (J talks about being a “dolphin helper” aka dolphin trainer CONSTANTLY — it’s his new phase for sure…and he is dead set on being one for Halloween this year…try searching for that costume on Amazon 😏)
▫️”…and den I’m gunna be in kin-da-garden?” This phrase often follows many of his sentences — he is already chomping at the bit to be at the “big school” and talks about kindergarten all the time. Every time we practice writing his name or another skill at home (which we need to be doing a lot 😬), he is so motivated by the fact that this will help him “at the big school!” It’s so cute…but also such a reminder of how fleeting this year already is😥
▫️would read ANYTHING about animals - he even talked us into buying an animal DICTIONARY at a garage sale and he legitimately asks us to read him PAGES from it. »Talk about boring 😳… I usually have to be physically drinking coffee while doing this to make it through.«
▫️is loving school, his teachers, and is such a “boy’s boy” on the playground
▫️will play anything outside and never seems to tire
▫️is psyched for his dolphin birthday party (aka family gathering 😊) for his upcoming big #5!
▫️had his first fever in 2 years this month
▫️poor guy endured anther root canal and crown this month too - which gave him another silver “pirate tooth” to add to his collection 😁😔

▫️”I love YOU!!” — a phrase we hear from her everyday. She says it out of the blue to Tim and I all the time and we
▫️is obsessed with chocolate milk — hey, it gets her to drink the stuff 😏
▫️is working hard on trying new foods, especially veggies…even if it’s only a bite or two without tears — this is huge progress from where we were a few months ago
▫️is really loving school and has made her first “real” friend, Haddie, in her class this year 😊 — I always find them hugging each other 😆
▫️only thing she hates about school: napping 😏…and she reminds me of that fact every time we’re on our way there
▫️is becoming more physically strong - bike pedaling, swing pumping, jumping into the pool
▫️has toned it down on her Minnie Mouse phase
▫️got the sickest out of all of us this month and had to really brave it out - she’s a real trooper! Praying this doesn’t become more regular for her, as she has been so healthy this past year
▫️loves talking on the phone to relatives when she can
▫️loves doing any form of painting and drawing and brings home treasures she has made almost every day from school
▫️insists she wants to be a cow for Halloween 😂

▫️in 75th percentile in height, weight (weighs 20 lbs), and head
▫️loves standing and feels so proud whenever she does
▫️has 6 teeth and one of them is already CHIPPED, which brings me to my next point to document…
▫️she is an active BEAST who falls, crawls, climbs, pulls up and cruises on/around everything. This kid gets more bumps and bruises than I ever thought possible for a 9 month old. Her bungalow teachers have told me they have never seen a baby this active who falls this much and doesn’t cry 😂…which also brings me to my next point I don’t want to forget…
▫️this kid lives out her namesake so much in our house all the time with her sunshine-y disposition and personality — this month has been busy, somewhat stressful and exhausting and filled with adjustment, and she never fails to make us all laugh and smile…even on the really bad days.
▫️prefers to climb on people
▫️loves crawling into Mommy and Daddy’s laps
▫️thinks Jackson is HILARIOUS and laughs non-stop at and with him at home
▫️would play and be babied by Haven all day long
▫️started taking 1-2 steps at a time the week of 9/14 
▫️says a lot of “BABABA Vavava” but nothing we can count as “words” yet 😊
▫️expresses herself when she doesn’t want something taken away
▫️is a persistent little bugger!
▫️claps her hands, but not on command or to mimic yet
▫️points to objects in books