Want something to celebrate, like RIGHT NOW? Friends, meet Rose. Rose is a precious little one in Uganda right now with her Mommy, and guess what? THEY ARE COMING HOME TO FOREVER BE A FAMILY. After almost FIVE long months of patient, faithful waiting, the Woodrow family of 6 will finally be reunited. THIS is something to celebrate and shout from the ROOF TOPS! And now, YOU’RE invited to join this journey. The international adoption process of bringing an orphaned child into a forever family is NOT easy OR cheap…

So let’s celebrate what God has done to bring this all to completion! The following PayPal link is set up just for the Woodrow family, in celebration of Rose’s homecoming NEXT WEEK:

If you feel led, donate ANY amount you’d like – any dollar given will go to help one precious, LOVED child and one AWESOME family. How cool would it be if Rose and her Mommy could come home to the rest of their family next week and be just a little bit closer to paying off the expenses they have made to bring a child into a family who would otherwise not have one?

By DONATING to the PayPal link above in this post, your name will be entered into that same raffle TWICE. What’s the raffle prize?? The winner will receive 6 MONTHS’ WORTH of any FRESH, HOME ROASTED coffee bean blend of their choice, delivered straight from the Woodrow family kitchen to yours! Talk about coffee worth dreaming about! And that’s not all. We’ll also throw in a $100 Apple gift card to the raffle winner, just to seal the deal

You have exactly ONE week to participate in this amazing family story and journey – the raffle will close on Wednesday, April 9th, at 9:00pm Pacific Daylight Time.

So, get donating! It doesn’t matter if you know this family personally or not – A CHILD ONCE ORPHANED IS NOW A LOVED DAUGHTER FOREVER. Cheers to THAT. God is THAT good.


The beautiful praise of a spunky three year old is super appropriate.  Rose’s visa was approved … we are headed home!


Things I Don’t Want to Forget About My Kids // March 2014

▫️”Good call on that one, Haven.”
▫️”I just willy love you, Waylyn.”
▫️”Please may I hold Waylyn?”
▫️”Oh, Waylyn! I just wanna eat you up!”
▫️Obsession of the month: Frozen - he sings the songs around the house and has made us all fall in love with the movie…no matter the amounts of times we have watched it
▫️Buzz word: “cheating” - he’s always looking for people who may be doing it and taking it upon himself to police others
▫️Eats like a BEAST at dinner time and usually gets a “snack” before bedtime…I can’t keep enough food around for this kid
▫️Loves using the excuse, “but I didn’t mean to” when he gets caught 😏
▫️Plays with our next door neighbor almost daily and loves her dearly
▫️Fave read: this weird book from the 80’s I had in my 5th grade classroom with a series of short, nonfiction stories about animals
▫️Learning to swim the back stroke
▫️Has mastered ways to help Raylyn when she’s fussy
▫️Loves our dress up bin and often chooses the policeman persona, usually on the lookout to arrest people he catches smoking
▫️Still would choose going on a bike ride over any other activity we could do at home
▫️Is determined to find an eagle in our neighborhood
▫️Interested in bugs, finding them, saving them, collecting them

▫️”God make dis whole lotta house!”
▫️”I like bein a dolphin.”
▫️”Mommy, I wanna see yo birthday! I neva seen yo birthday before!”
▫️”Minnie got copa dots.”
▫️”I made dis ta YOU!”
▫️”Me didn’t do dat before.”
▫️Blowing us away everyday by her nonstop talking and growing vocabulary
▫️Fave show: Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood (cartoon version of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood 😏)
▫️Reads and memorizes books
▫️Ever-growing independence and gets quite feisty at times 😳
▫️Fave reads: “The Very Hungry Catepillar” and “Five Little Monkeys” (like ALL THE TIME)
▫️Fave song: “May the Words of my Mouth”
▫️Strangely fond of birthdays (all the way down to the “birthday napkins”) and was particularly obsessed with mine this month, which made the day a much bigger deal to our whole fam than I anticipated

▫️Officially a major hand sucker
▫️Smiles galore
▫️Getting so strong!
▫️Explores with hands while eating
▫️Has REALLY discovered her lungs and voice in our family
▫️Rolls to her side to sleep
▫️Shrugs her shoulders when she smiles big
▫️Laughs when we laugh (especially when Mama does 😊)
▫️Holds small rattles and toys
▫️Laughs at our ceiling fan, “Mr. Fanny”
▫️Loves the Bumbo
▫️Sleeps in her own crib and room
▫️Has become a drool factory
▫️Obsessed with getting her diaper changed. Honestly.
▫️Has started putting toys in her mouth to chew
▫️Loves being outside
▫️Has huge thighs and wrist rolls