Things I Don’t Want to Forget about my Kids // August 2014

▫️”She don’t crawl wight now cuz she gots to get more bones in her.”
▫️”How bout we practice being good listeners!!”
▫️ loves asking questions that can’t be answered/are hard to answer, like, “What happens if a stranger was a humpback whale?” or “Why is a humpback whale bigger than the chair?” or “What happens after a tree grows?”
▫️ “Daddy is on a whole new level with killing bugs!”
▫️”We’re pretending to be firemen and we have girlfriends!”
▫️8.3.14 - corrected Tim as he read a book about whales and explained to him that inside the whale’s mouth is “baleen.” Tim and I had to google this term to verify…and J was right 😏 Guess we need to start watching PBS kids with him…
▫️lost his first tooth this month on 8.15.14!!
▫️dealt with more defiance than usual this month - working through a lot with this precious boy and learning new things about grace and forgiveness everyday
▫️has moved to a big boy booster seat! (at over 50lbs, we’re all very glad this tank of a kid has moved into a seat that fits his body better)
▫️loves carrying Raylyn around (I know…super unsafe on so many levels 😳)
▫️talks about animals constantly and loves sharing new “facts” with us - especially about “predators”
▫️is totally chomping at the bit to start school

▫️”Don’t say disgusting, Mom. Poop is disgusting!”
▫️”Dis is a humpback whale! (Points to her drawing). Dat is a rainbow, and ….(goes on FOREVER)” 😜❤️
▫️(during a prayer) “I’m sowwy God for not eating my zucchini and thank you, Jesus, You are everywhere!”
▫️can play “in her own little world” by herself whenever the opportunity arises 😝
▫️growing out of so many clothes! (All her shorts this summer have become “booty shorts” 😳😁)
▫️can spell her name out loud
▫️loves “writing” her name and can write each letter, but not in the correct order 😊
▫️will go anywhere and do anything with Mommy
▫️has become more of a picky eater 😔 — so we’re REALLY workin on “trying new foods”…but man, it’s exhausting…

▫️crawled “for real” on 8.3.14 to get to Daddy and her favorite book and has been moving like a tornado ever since -
▫️ turning into a real daredevil as she learns to move around more and more and is earning the bumps and bruises to prove it 😳
▫️had to use our nebulizer on her more this month to give a few breathing treatments 👎
▫️cooing and “talking” so much - especially when she’s on the move and/or excited 😊
▫️officially has 3 top teeth (including her two front teeth 😜) and two on the bottom
▫️pulls herself up on anything possible and stands for a few seconds at a time
▫️trying all kinds of new finger foods (blueberries are a fave) and is still loving baby foods of all kinds